Finding Ideas

The first time I watched the film The Dark Knight Rises I was like “I’m gonna watch this again” but then it was 6am and I needed to go to bed after watching 3 movies in one night. And yes, I used to watch movies till dawn. I love the peace that comes with the night; watching a film in the dark at 2am when everyone else is asleep. Bliss.

I’ve watched The Dark Knight Rises enough times to memorize Commissioner Jim Gordon’s words at Bruce Wayne’s “funeral”,

“I see a beautiful city and a brilliant people; rising from this abyss

I see the lives for which I lay down my life; peaceful, prosperous and happy

I see that I hold a sanctuary in their hearts and in the hearts of their descendants, generations hence

It is a far far better thing that I do than I have ever done

It is a far far better rest that I go to than I have ever known”

 I didn’t know where this came from until I googled it and found out it’s from a Charles Dickens novel, A Tale Of Two Cities. From a movie I found something to read! To me this was very unexpected because up to that point all I ever thought was that books are better than TV and the like so they probably won’t add anything to my life. Well, it’s true to a great extent that books are better as in they make you use your mind more than TV does. But, there’s more to a film than just to tell a story. If storytelling was ever the only agenda in film then we wouldn’t have a lot of dialogue or props, and that’s the stuff that gives film-watchers like me new ideas.

In my opinion, people who are looking to discover things should watch films or read books or even listen to music (or watch music videos). Not just to get the next item on their reading lists but also to discover new things. Sometimes we need a push of some kind or just something to light that bulb above our heads and give us an idea of the next thing to do. For instance, I watched the romantic film Bright Star and apart from all the unbearable emotions it gave me I took away the idea that poetry can be a thing that is taken seriously by people. Where I come from poetry is something you read in literature classes and write an exam on. Basically that’s it. There are a lot of poets out here, but they’re not heard of or maybe it’s just that nobody cares since it’s never been a serious thing around here. But now I do realize that it can be and maybe the situation could change if we put in more effort in our work as how John Keats did in the film. This isn’t just for poetry but for all things we might see as too simple.

Just to add, not every piece of literature is worth watching. In fact, we can’t watch and read everything that’s ever been made. It’s why they make trailers and the like. Watch and read them carefully before deciding whether or not you want to spend 2 hours or a few days on whatever. It doesn’t matter what film genre you’re into, all kinds have something to add to your mind.

Generally, all forms of literature are beautiful-each in their own way.

For a moment I got lost,

I took the wrong path and ended up in a dark part of the never ending woods,

The tightly tangled vines and dead leaves that covered squirrel corpses gave me chills

This is the part where the sun refuses to shine

The part where when the sky gets dark you can see eyes watching you move.
For a moment I got lost,

In the thoughts of never-has-beens and probably never-will-be,

I almost cried for the things I wished for but I do not want anymore

The heart’s desires that make me insomniac

Things that might never be.
For a moment I got lost,

In the beautiful eyes of an imaginary one,

The one who I spent months preparing for

Only to come out of a different part of the woods.

Maybe not us, not in this lifetime

Perhaps I belong here and I shall never again go to the woods


She sat in the last rowHer fingers tapping on her knees

Waiting for the mass to end so she could talk to the priest,

Her prostituting days were over

And that moment was a new beginning,

Yet the women at church talked all they could about her

Little did they know that

The Lord they loved so much was happy his child came home.


A walk in the woods

Has turned into something good,

A brown squirrel on the tree

Is staring at me.

It starts to rain

Then birds fly away

To their secret hideouts

That they abandon during the day.

I turn to face the sky and close my eyes

I open my arms widely and smile

The rain is pouring on me.

The Evening Sun

Oh beautiful golden sun of the evening

Melt into my arms so I cover my body with your lustrous beauty

Allow me to reflect away the negativity.

That blue sky behind you

It admires you daily, like I do

Sometimes it turns into a deep blue out of jealousy

And covers you with white clouds so that I stop looking at you.

Shine on me, beautiful golden sun

Cast your soft light on the ocean near my window

And on the skyscrapers covered with glass,

Even as high as the mountain in the inner mainland.

The Palm Tree

Aesthetically pleasing and well crafted

I fall in love with the Palm Tree,

Growing at a distance from my window

I watch it blow its leaves,

Its green is mesmerizing.

The sun is behind it

Casting golden light on it

Leaving me to smile brightly like the morning that has already arrived.


In the dark, I lie on my bed

The temperature is high

But my body is curled up and shivering,

The world is too cold for me to handle.

My vision is blurred by tears

Tears that refuse to fall to from my eyes.

With every blink to restore my vision,

I am reminded that the pain is here to stay.

At 2am

Tears put me to sleep

They drowned my eyes until I had no vision,

Soft sounds took the pain away

As they escaped from my mouth uncontrollably,

It was 2am, no one could hear me.

I wiped the tears away, with my hand

The same hand I used to smash the concrete wall in my room

And slam the door when I wanted the outside to leave me,

I closed my eyes but the tears did not stop

Slowly, I fell asleep

At 2am.


In my insanity

My small room feels bigger than the whole world,

Outside, it feels like prison

The eyes won’t stop following me,

Every day is as dark as midnight,

And at 2am I feel alive, I feel human

I cry and laugh and smile

All before I close my eyes

To sleep and wake up to a darker tomorrow.

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